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Dominic Pangborn

The renowned Asian-American fine artist Dominic Pangborn has been on a perpetual quest to expand his horizons on both life and art ever since he began his career in the 1970s. He has since traveled around the world, and he draws upon his experiences with exotic locales and foreign cultures to fuel his creative energies. The result is a celebrated body of work as diverse and as passionate as the people and lands that have inspired it.

Pangborn generates nearly 3,000 sketches each year, many of which serve as the basis for his paintings. The paintings themselves range from nonrepresentational abstracts to photo-realism, across a number of mediums and techniques.  

“Whenever I’m inspired, I can just picture it in my head – so vividly, so clearly,” Pangborn said. “The challenging and exciting part is finding the best way to bring it to life, whether it’s sketching, painting or even sculpting.”

Pangborn’s artwork has appeared in numerous publications, including Playboy magazine. His artwork has been exhibited in galleries across the United States and abroad and is enthusiastically acquired by collectors worldwide.

Pangborn’s energetic pursuits aren’t limited to the traditional art world. He is also an internationally-recognized, award-winning graphic designer. He opened his firm – Pangborn Design, Ltd. – in 1979, quickly garnering acclaim for the passion and ingenuity he brought to advertising and corporate design. Many of his designs proved so popular across the years that he turned them into a line of fashion accessories (The Pangborn Design Collection), which is sold in stores around the world.

Being the adventurer that he is, Pangborn continues to travel the world with his wife Delia as much as he can. He is passionate about meeting new people on these travels and sharing their stories.

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